1 Register

The registration process will classify you as:

  1. Approved Wholesale Investor - access data room and undertake investment; or
  2. Pending Wholesale Investor - access data room but to invest iPartners needs you to complete your registration; or

2 Evaluate

As a Wholesale Investor you can directly access key documents via the data room.

Examples of documents included here are:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Termsheets
  • Project Information
  • Risk Analysis
  • Partner Information
  • Track Record
  • IRR calculations

Each transaction opportunity will clearly set out all involved entities and ensure that fees are transparent and set at a commercial level.


3 Invest

  • Select your transaction amount
  • Agree to transaction documents
  • Confirm and settle investment

iPartners will construct a bookbuild of investor demand - this will form the basis upon which allocations are determined. Any scaling back due to an over-subscribed transaction will result in a partial refund of monies.

When you invest you will acquire units. The iPartners trust then makes the investment in the specific opportunity.

Post investment

All your investments, regular updates and unit prices are viewed in your Investor Dashboard. As the unit price may change over time, you can also access the secondary market liquidity module through the Dashboard.

Each unit holder will proportionally share in any maturity value and proceeds.